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Hello, Noen’s here. You left the earth way too early to join the stars. We miss you already, and I hope you see all the love we have for you.

When we first talked together 3 years ago, at this time I was just a boy with fantasies. Now look at where I am thanks to you… You helped me so much to my personal development, I’ll be forever grateful for all your advice, your support and your kind words.


Do you remember how I was intimidated when we first met at the Antwerp LeatherPride in 2015? Like a fanboy who finally meet his mentor! We just shared few words, but I was so proud already!


In 2016, things went better. We had so much fun at the parties, especially in the balls pool with friends! It became a kind of rendez-vous we had every year, we promised to meet again at the 2017 edition… Next year the party will have a bitter taste without you, but I promise to have even more fun 😉


But the most amazing moment was 2 months ago, when we had a big walk in Paris with @the-kinky-bf. I was really proud to show you the city for the first time, under a lovely sun. With @mastersebparis we spent 2 wonderful days with you.


Today I’m not sad anymore, but really happy of the moments of joy we had lived together.
Pup play has lost one of their greatest ambassador.
We lost a friend.

Forever in our hearts.

Such a perfect post, pup. I was looking forward to seeing Nobley and Nick at Antwerp 2017 and getting to meet you too. Let’s make it a good one!

Such a sweet post, echoing the words of all those other guys he helped to embrace their inner pup.

RIP nobley, you will always be in our hearts.

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