Puppy Responsibilities




1. Make sure to always crawl into your Owner’s lap to keep them warm!

2. Remember to waggle your tail to show that you’re happy to see your Owner.

3. Always be sure to chase the squirrels away from your Owner! They’re evil little buggers.

4. Give your Owner the puppy dog eyes, just because we can and they can never say no.

5. When playing fetch, resist the urge to run off into the sunset with your toy…no matter how tempting it may be.

6. Chase your tail! Never stop until you catch it!

7. Lick your Owner’s face to show affection, please try to avoid slobbering on them (unless if they want that).

8. Always be by the door when your Owner comes home to greet them with a pounce.

9. Purposely knock things off the table with your tail and act like it was an accident.

10. Snuggle your Owner every night to keep them company.


@pup-comet has done all of these except the squirrel lol

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